cd duplication by field force media services


CD and DVD Replication Services

Replication is the process of making a glass master from a premastered image, creating stampers from the master, then pressing discs with the stamper using injection molding. Once the stamper is made and the machine is set up, a disc can be produced in a matter of seconds.

DVD Replication ~ Get professionally stamped and printed DVDs in about 10-15 business days. Whether in bulk, packaged in sleeves or in DVD boxes with full color covers, Field Force has the variety of packaging solutions to meet your needs.

Order Fulfillment ~ We offer our clients customized fulfillment services, from warehousing, direct mailing, pick-pack-n-ship and on-demand order fulfillment.

Replication Requirements

Usually between seven to ten business days and sometimes fifteen days, during peak times, is needed for creating glass master, stampers and scheduling press runs. Don't forget to include shipping time to and from the plant as well.

Everything must be delivered to the replication plant together up front -- label artwork, packaging, premaster.

Minimum quantity is no less than 1000 CDs because of the setup requirements. Every time an injection molding machine is stopped, some materials and time are lost, so our manufacturers prefer to do large runs because the unit cost for small runs is higher.

  Custom Packaging

Field Force Media Services offers custom printed packaging to finish off you CD or DVD project with a professional look using your brand. We offer printing of cardboard sleeves and jackets, DVD box covers, vinyl album covers and CD jewel case inserts.

Please visit our custom packaging solutions section to see our sample and packaging options. Call or come by and we would be glad to get you a free sample.